BDZ get a summer mood to the passengers in the sleeping cars

BDZ, in partnership with one of the world famous furniture brands, renovates the interior of the sleeping cars. The branding is part of the marketing strategy of the national rail carrier for train advertising.


BDZ published a Public Procurement Register

In order to achieve easier access to a wider range of potential contractors and to achieve optimal technical and financial parameters, BDZ has published a separate Public Procurement Register of BDZ-Passengers Ltd. and BDZ-Cargo Ltd., which is available at


BDZ plans to gradually renew the rolling stock over the next 15 years

The round table for public discussion on the topic "Purchase of a new rolling stock for the needs of BDZ and investments in the national railway infrastructure", which was held earlier today, presented the opportunities for gradually renew of the rolling stock over the next 15 years. The discussion was attended by the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications, the management teams of BDZ and NRIC, the representatives of the trade unions, the higher education institutions "Todor Kableshkov", the Technical University of Sofia and UNWE, representatives of Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association (BICA), NGOs and railway experts.


Options for the departure of the train to Edirne from Sofia are being considered

In order to provide a more convenient way to travel to Turkey, covering a wider range of clients of the national railway carrier, options are currently being considered for the train to Edirne to depart from Sofia.


BDZ opens its recreation facilities for children in foster care

From 1st to 5th of April 2019, the first group of children and their parents from the National Foster Care Association (NFCA) will be accommodated in the recreation facility of BDZ in Panichishte. The campaign called "Expected Vacation" aims to help children in need by giving them the opportunity to get an unforgettable holiday all over the country. Apart from the recreation facilities, the national railway operator will provide also free transport, lots of fun and everything needed for "Expected Vacation".


The management team of Bulgarian State Railways represented its main priorities to the Transport, Information and Communications Committee

The management team of the Bulgarian State Railways represented its main priorities at the session of the Transport, Information and Communications Committee, held on the 20th of March 2019.


Bulgarian State Railways organizes a public consultation on the project for the purchase of new rolling stock

BDZ invites all the interested parties to share their vision in relation to the restarting of the project "Purchase of new rolling stock for passenger services".


BDZ participates in an initiative of the European Commission to provide young people aged 18 a travel Pass to explore Europe this summer

As a member of the Interrail network, “BDZ-Passengers”EOOD will take part in an initiative of the European Commission to provideyoung people aged 18 a travel Pass to explore Europe this summer. Tour of the Old Continent by train will receive as a gift around 15 000 young people from the EU Member States. The free travel campaign is called “Discover EU” and the EC provides the budget for the rail trips.

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Types of traveling documents

Types of traveling documents

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