606 passengers have received sanctions for smoking in trains since the beginning of 2009

On the occasion of today’s International Non-smoking Day, “Bulgarian State Railways" EAD express their support for the preservation of our daily environment, in which we live and work, clean, healthy and comfortable.

Since the beginning of the year 325 days have already elapsed and the number of passengers who were imposed sanctions for smoking in the trains of “Bulgarian State Railways" EAD have reached a total of 606. Train crews imposed financial sanctions over 589 passengers who breached the requirement to keep trains a smoke-free area. Other 17 passengers were taken off trains after refusing to pay the financial sanction for smoking.

The national railway carrier reminds that smoking in all categories of passenger trains was prohibited in March 2008 in compliance with the good practices of European railways. “Bulgarian State Railways" EAD exercise strict control over the observation of the non-smoking rules. The financial sanction for passengers who pollute trains with cigarette smoke is BGN 20.


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