A Stone Made a Crack in the Front Window of a Desiro

Since the beginning of 2005 there have been 50 incidents of stone-throwing at trains. In result of such ill-intentioned attacks four passengers were injured and one ticket-collector. Fifty-four window-panes of passengers coaches were broken and eight window-panes of locomotives.

On 18th June 2005 in the region of Kjustendil station in result of stone-throwing at a diesel train-set Desiro, running along the route Burgas – Kjustendil, was cracked the front window-pane. Only the fact that the window-panes are made of reinforced glass prevented the locomotive drivers from serious injuries and helped avoid the risk from possible negative consequences for the operational safety. The crack increases gradually, which hinders the visibility of the driver. The whole front window-pane must be replaced, which will incur significant costs for the railway operator.

The routes, along which run the diesel train-sets Desiro, were designed with the intention to present to the customers of BDZ EAD the multiple comforts of the new trains. Since the beginning of the next month the Desiros will operate along non-electrified lines, where the low consumption rates of diesel fuel will result in faster pay-back of the initial procurement investments. The current routes for operation of the new trains were selected with a view to the testing of their running gear behavior in the conditions of the existing railway infrastructure, along which will be operated the Desiro EMUs..


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