Accident with a fast train at Kazichene station

At about 14:06 the last five wagons from a transit freight train derailed at the exit switches of Kazichene station. The locomotive of fast train No 8615, running along the route Sofia – Bourgas, hit the derailed freight wagons and also derailed. No passengers of railway personnel were contused during the accident. Transport police was immediately notified.

“Bulgarian state railways" provided buses to transport the passengers from the fast train to Elin Pelin station, wherefrom the passengers continued their journey to Bourgas with another train.

As train traffic between Kazichene and Elin Pelin is cancelled, two express trains were redirected. These are train No 8603 from Sofia to Yambol and train No 1610 from Vratsa via Sofia to Plovdiv. In the line section between Sofia and Plovdiv these trains were redirected via Karlovo. After Plovdiv station, train No 8603 continued its journey to Yambol along its regular route.


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