Accident with a freight train in the line section Kalofer – Tuzha

A few minutes after midnight, two wagons from a freight train composition derailed in the line section between Kalofer and Tuzha. No railway personnel has been contused. Transport police has been informed about the accident. The reasons for the derailment are being investgated.

In result from the accident with the freight composition, train traffic between Karlovo and Tulovo has been temporarily cancelled. Hitherto three fast trains and one express train have been redirected along a different route via Plovdiv and Stara Zagora. These trains are:
• express train No 3602 (Bourgas – Karlovo – Sofia), departs at 05:25;
• fast train No 3637 (Sofia – Karlovo – Varna), departs at 22:15
• fast train No 3636 (Varna – Karlovo – Sofia), departs at 22:25
• fast train No 3621 (Sofia – Karlovo – Bourgas), departs at 07:40.

The passenger fare remains the same in spite of the longer travelling distance.

Till the restoration of normal train traffic between Karlovo and Tulovo, "Bulgarian State Railways“ EAD will provide buses for the transportation of passengers from regional trains in the line section between Kalofer – Tuzha.

The national railway operator will inform its customers in case there are additional changes in the timetable and route of other trains.

Freight trains, which are scheduled to run via Kalofer and Tuzha, have also been redirected via Plovdiv and Stara Zagora.


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Types of traveling documents

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