"Bulgarian State Railways“ EAD will provide additional trains and coaches for Christmas and New Year holiday period

With a view to the improvement of transport services in the holiday periods 23rd - 26th December and 30th December - 2nd January, BDZ EAD will provide additional trains as well as additional coaches for some train compositions in compliance with the available passenger coach fleet.

One additional fast train and one regional train will operate daily between Sofia and Pleven and between Vratsa and Sofia with the following schedules:

• Fast train from Sofia to Pleven – departs from Sofia at 11:00 and arrives in Pleven at 14:10. In the back direction, the train departs from Pleven at 14:35 and arrives in Sofia at 17:55.
• Regional train from Vratsa to Sofia – departs from Vratsa at 15:05 and arrives in Sofia at 17:23. In the back direction. the train departs from Sofia at 17:50 and arrives in Vratsa at 20:50.

Additional coaches will be attached to the compositions of some express and fast trains along the routes:
• Sofia – Varna – Sofia (via Gorna Oryahovitsa);
• Sofia – Bourgas – Sofia ( via Karlovo);
• Sofia – Bourgas – Sofia ( via Plovdiv);
• Sofia – Видин – Sofia;
• Pleven – Varna – Pleven;
• Sofia – Plovdiv – Sofia;
• Sofia – Rousse – Sofia;
• Rousse – Bourgas – Rousse.

Additional trains will be attached to the compositions of some regional trains between Gorna Oryahovitsa and Stara Zagora.

Customers will receive detailed information from railway stations and agencies.


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Types of traveling documents

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