“Bulgarian State Railways" EAD put in operation the first additional trains for the summer season

With a view to the improvement of transport services during the summer season, “Bulgarian State Railways" EAD will put in operation additional trains and coaches along some to the seaside destinations.

The first seasonal trains will get launched on 1st June between Pleven and Bourgas. These are two night trains which will operate till 15th September.

These are fast train № 2681 (from Pleven to Bourgas) and fast train № 2682 (from Bourgas to Pleven).

The timetable of the seasonal fast train № 2681 is the following:
- Pleven – departs at 23:20
- Levski – arrives at 23:50 and departs at 23:51.
- Gorna Oryahovitsa – arrives at 00:32 and departs at 00:44
- Сливен – arrives at 04:19 and departs at 04:23.;
- Karnobat – arrives at 05:11 and departs at 05:13;
- Bourgas – arrives at 06:02 .

The timetable of the seasonal fast train № 2682 is the following:
– Bourgas – departs at 21:30
– Karnobat – arrives at 22:18 and departs at 22:19
- Сливен – arrives at 23:09 and departs at 23:12
- Gorna Oryahovitsa – arrives at 02:55 and departs at 03:05;
- Levski – arrives at 03:55 and departs at 03:57;
- Pleven – arrives at 04:30

The customers of “Bulgarian State Railways"EAD can acquire additional information from the “Information" and ticket desks at the railway stations and agencies in the country.

As of 15th June “Bulgarian State Railways" EAD will provide additional trains and coaches along other routes to the seaside destinations.


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