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Trains are redirected due to vandal attempt to steal catenary line

As of 01:10 hrs this morning train traffic between Kazichene and Musachevo has been cancelled due to a vandal attempt to steal catenary line in result of which 500 m of catenary wire were broken. This is the fifth similar case for the last week. Thefts of catenary wire result in the lack of voltage in the catenary line network which makes it impossible to operate trains in the section and train compositions are redirected via other routes.


“Bulgarian State Railways" EAD put in operation the first additional trains for the summer season

With a view to the improvement of transport services during the summer season, “Bulgarian State Railways" EAD will put in operation additional trains and coaches along some to the seaside destinations.


Train traffic between Yasenovets and Razgrad is restored

At 04:00 in the morning the emergency teams of “Bulgarian State Railways" EAD and the National Railway Infrastructure Company restored train traffic between Yasenovets and Razgrad. With a view to the safety of operations, the speed of the trains in the vicinity of the level crossing between the two stations is reduced to 25 km/h. As the length of the line section, along which trains run at a lower speed, is only 300 m, the speed limit will not affect significantly the train schedules.


Landslide temporarily cancelled train traffic along the narrow-gauge line

Train traffic in the section between Razlog and Belitsa, which lies along Dobrinishte – Septemvri narrow-gauge line, was temporarily canceled between 07:40 and 09:54 due to a land slide. Almost 10 cubic meters of earth slid upon the tracks in the vicinity of General Kovachev halt.


Changes in the timetables of some trains

With a view to the improvement of passenger services BDZ EAD extended the route of regional train No 20133, which as of 10th March operates between Vratsa and Pleven, thus providing commuting services to customers from more stations. For technological reasons there are minimum changes in the timetable of regional train No 70101 (Mezdra – Vidin), which will depart from Mezdra 4 minutes earlier.


Temporary changes in the timetable of two fast trains

As of tomorrow (13.02.2007) till Friday there will be reconstruction works in the line section between Stara Zagora and Kaloyanovec. The reconstruction works will take place between 11:00 hrs and 13:50 hrs.


Seven fast trains will stop at Elin Pelin station

With a view to the improvement of passenger transport services, as of 25th January 2007 "Bulgarian State Railways“ EAD introduce changes in train timetable.


"Bulgarian State Railways“ EAD will provide additional trains and coaches for Christmas and New Year holiday period

With a view to the improvement of transport services in the holiday periods 23rd - 26th December and 30th December - 2nd January, BDZ EAD will provide additional trains as well as additional coaches for some train compositions in compliance with the available passenger coach fleet.


Train traffic between Karlovo and Tulovo is restored

Train traffic between Karlovo and Tulovo was restored at 15:25. For safety considerations, trains will run along the section, where an incident occurred earlier today, with a reduced speed of 25 km/h. This temporary speed limit is valid for a 650 m- long line section and will not cause significant delays of the trains.


Accident with a freight train in the line section Kalofer – Tuzha

A few minutes after midnight, two wagons from a freight train composition derailed in the line section between Kalofer and Tuzha. No railway personnel has been contused. Transport police has been informed about the accident. The reasons for the derailment are being investgated.


Afternoon express trains will be redirected via Karlovo

In connection with train cancellation in the section between Kazichene and Elin Pelin, “Bulgarian State Railways" EAD change the routes of two express trains and one fast train.


Accident with a fast train at Kazichene station

At about 14:06 the last five wagons from a transit freight train derailed at the exit switches of Kazichene station. The locomotive of fast train No 8615, running along the route Sofia – Bourgas, hit the derailed freight wagons and also derailed. No passengers of railway personnel were contused during the accident. Transport police was immediately notified.


Temporary changes in the schedule of some trains between Sofia and Kulata

In connection with reconstruction of the track between General Todorov and Kulata, performed by the National Railway Infrastructure Company in the period between 25th July and 2nd August with the exeption of 29th-30th July (the weekend), Bulgarian State Railways EAD introduce temporary changes in the schedule of some trains. Four fast trains and one regional train, which should operate via the reconstructed section, will run only to and from General Todorov station.


Fire in a locomotive was extinguished

Today at about 13:10 when the fast train No 3621 from Sofia to Bourgas approaches Koniovo station the locomotive crew establishes that there is smoke in the engine room of the locomotive.


Temporary changes of the timetable and route of some trains in July

“Bulgarian State Railways" EAD introduce temporary changes in the timetable and route of some trains due to track reconstruction works, carried out by the National Railway Infrastructure Company from 1st to 31st July. The reconstruction works will be carried out in the line sections Gorna Oryahovitsa - Krastets, Tuzha -Gabarevo and Tvarditsa – Shivachevo, which lie along the SubBalkan line and the Cross-Balkan line.

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