Changes in the timetables of some trains

With a view to the improvement of passenger services BDZ EAD extended the route of regional train No 20133, which as of 10th March operates between Vratsa and Pleven, thus providing commuting services to customers from more stations. For technological reasons there are minimum changes in the timetable of regional train No 70101 (Mezdra – Vidin), which will depart from Mezdra 4 minutes earlier.
Marketing studies of BDZ EAD show that in some regional trains there only are a minimum number of passengers, who take only 1 % of the seating capacity of the train, i.e. the operation of these trains is economically inefficient. That is why the route of two regional trains, running between Mezdra and Gorna Oryahovitsa, is shortened and they will run only between Cherven Briag and Gorna Oryahovitsa. The small passenger flow makes it necessary to cancel six regional trains in the sections Levski – Svishtov, Levski – Troyan and Vratsa – Mezdra.


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