Computer ticketing on board of the trains along Mezdra – Sofia line

"Bulgarian State Railways" EAD introduce computer ticketing on board of the train. For the first time in our country, train tickets will be issued by mobile computers, which have an inbuilt printer for the tickets. "Bulgarian State Railways" EAD will gradually put in operation 15 such mobile computer configurations. 77 members of train staff have been trained to use the new facilities.

The first phase of the implementation of the new computer technology covers three of the most heavily used suburban trains between Mezdra and Sofia. These are trains No 20202, 20206 and 20209.

The new ticketing technology will improve the collection of revenue from this train, which are used daily by a great number of passengers. Hitherto, train tickets issued on board of the train were written by hand. The mobile ticketing computers will greatly reduce ticketing time.

The train staff itself will be considerably facilitated in the performance of its duties. The software calculates automatically the tariff of the ticket for any particular distance along the route between Mezdra and Sofia. Furthermore, computer ticketing will help prevent the attempts for traveling without a ticket.

At the next phase of the implementation of the mobile computer ticketing, "Bulgarian State Railways" EAD intend to cover a total of over 30 suburban and regional train along this railway line.

Railways in Europe have been using for years similar technologies for onboard ticketing. Currently, such mobile ticketing computer facilities are used by German, Czech and Slovenian railways.


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