Daily express train connects Plovdiv and Vratsa

As of 27th February (Monday) “Bulgarian State Railways" EAD have changed the schedule of “Plovdiv" express train to enhance transport service. The express train will run daily from Plovdiv to Vratsa and back as per the following timetable:

1. Express train № 1602 from Plovdiv to Vratsa:
- Plovdiv – departs at 07:00
- Pazardjik – arrives at 07:27 and departs at 07:28
- Septemvri – arrives at 07:41 and departs at 07:43
- Sofia – arrives at 09:25 and departs at 09:30
- Vratsa – arrives at 11:10
2. Express train № 1601 from Vratsa to Plovdiv:
- Vratsa – departs at 13:38
- Sofia – arrives at 15:20 and departs at 15:25
- Septemvri – arrives at 17:04 and departs at 17:05
- Pazardjik – arrives at 17:17 and departs at 17:19
- Plovdiv – arrives at 17:43.

Hitherto this express train ran to Vratsa only on Sundays and on the other days it operated between Plovdiv and Sofia.


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