Floods cancelled train traffic between Vakarel and Kostents

Train traffic along the railway section Vakarel – Kostenets was cancelled today at 13:15 due to bad weather conditions. Snow melting and heavy rainfall during the last 24 hours caused flooding of tracks at Ihtiman station.

The complicated operational situation imposed changes in the timetable of trains, which are scheduled to run along the flooded line section. The following express and fast trains will run along a roundabout route – via Karlovo instead of via Ihtiman:
- “Plovdiv" express (Vratsa – Sofia – Plovdiv);
- “Diana" express (Sofia – Yambol);
- “Slunchev briag" express (Burgas – Plovdiv – Sofia)
- fast train No 1651 (Sofia – Dimitrovgrad)
- fast train No 1663 (Sofia – Dimitrovgrad)
- fast train No 8627 (Sofia – Burgas)
- fast train No 8614 (Varna/Burgas – Sofia).

“Bulgarian State Railways" EAD provided in a timely manner six buses to transport passengers from 5 fast and 9 regional trains along the section Vakarel – Kostenets. The passengers from 2 fast trains, running along the route Sofia – Plovdiv – Burgas and Burgas – Plovdiv – Sofia, have already been transported along the flooded section.

“Bulgarian State Railways" EAD established immediately a crisis center, which monitors closely developments in Ihtiman and is ready to react in a timely and adequate manner.

In case that a passenger, who has bought a train ticket, decides to cancel his/her journey, the national railway carrier will reimburse the total amount of money.

For detailed information passengers can turn to the railway stations!


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