Landslide temporarily cancelled train traffic along the narrow-gauge line

Train traffic in the section between Razlog and Belitsa, which lies along Dobrinishte – Septemvri narrow-gauge line, was temporarily canceled between 07:40 and 09:54 due to a land slide. Almost 10 cubic meters of earth slid upon the tracks in the vicinity of General Kovachev halt.

“Bulgarian State Railways" EAD provided a bus to transport the passengers from regional train No 16102, traveling from Dobrinishte to Septemvri. The bus took the passengers from General Kovachev halt to Kostandovo station, wherefrom they continued on time their journey to Septemvri with another train.

The two-hour traffic cancellation did not affect the operation of any other regional trains. The land slide was cleared by the emergency teams of the National Railway Infrastructure Company.


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