Temporary changes in the timetable of some trains

On 29th June some trains will operate with a different timetable and route due to reconstruction works on the railway line between Kalitinovo and Han Asparuh.


Temporary changes in the timetable and route of some trains

Due to track reconstruction in the line section between Anton and Koprivshtitsa in the period between 12th and 17th May, the timetable and routes of some trains will be temporarily changed.
The express and fast trains, scheduled to operate via this section, will be redirected via Plovdiv, whereas the fares will remain the same in spite of the longer traveling distance.


More trains along the Sub-Balkan line will be redirected via Plovdiv

Due to continuing reconstruction works in the line section between Koprivshtitsa and Anton, related to the derailment of a wagon from a freight train earlier this morning, train operation along the section remains impossible. It is expected that traffic will be restored tomorrow afternoon.


A car crossed without permission a level crossing and was crushed by a train

This morning at about 10:00 at a level crossing between Hristo Danovo and Iganovo the fast train from Sofia to Bourgas crushed a car. The level crossing is equipped with an automatic signaling system. In spite of the signal from the system, the car crossed the railway line without permission, which caused the incident. No casualties are reported.


“Bulgarian State Railways" EAD provide additional passenger coaches for the holidays

With a view to the improvement of passenger services during the holiday period on the occasion of the International Labour Day, in the period between 28th April and 1st May, “Bulgarian State Railways" EAD provide 26 additional passenger coaches for 13 express, 27 fast and 6 regional trains, including additional sleeping and couchette cars for the night trains from Sofia to Varna, Bourgas and Kardam.


BDZ EAD provides additional coaches for Easter holidays

For the period between 21st and 24th April 2006 Bulgarian state railways provide 24 additional passenger coaches for 12 express, 30 fast and 6 regional trains, including additional couchettes and sleeping-cars for the night trains from Sofia to Varna, Bourgas and Kardam and in the back direction


A direct sleeping-car from Sofia to Athens

As of 19th April BDZ EAD and Greek railways (OSE) put in operation a direct sleeping-car along the route Sofia – Athens – Sofia.


Incident with a fast train along the Sub-Balkan line

This morning at about 08:50 between Makotsevo and Dolno Kamartsi the first three wheelsets of the locomotive of a fast train from Sofia to Bourgas derailed at the moment when the train was entering a tunnel.


Railways employees have prevented a collision between a passenger train and a rock

About 08:15 this morning in the line section Mezdra - Rebarkovo a collision between the express train “Yantra" (Gorna Oriahovitsa – Sofia) and a rock on the tracks has been prevented. The incident has been avoided thanks to the well-timed actions of conscientious employees of “Bulgarian state railways" EAD.


Normal train traffic between Sofia and Plovdiv has been restored

As of 17:30 hrs today train traffic along one of the railway lines in the double-line section between Kostenets and Septemvri has been restored. For safety considerations trains will run at a lower speed of 25 km/h along this 400-meter long section. As the trains between Kostenets and Septemvri can operate only along one of the railway lines and, furthermore, at a lower speed there may occur some delays.


Floods cancelled train traffic between Vakarel and Kostents

Train traffic along the railway section Vakarel – Kostenets was cancelled today at 13:15 due to bad weather conditions. Snow melting and heavy rainfall during the last 24 hours caused flooding of tracks at Ihtiman station.


Daily express train connects Plovdiv and Vratsa

As of 27th February (Monday) “Bulgarian State Railways" EAD have changed the schedule of “Plovdiv" express train to enhance transport service.


Landslide hindered train traffic

On 2nd October at about 14:30 in the line section between Kostenets and Belovo there was a ladn slide, in result of which about 10 q.m. of rock slid onto the track and deformed a catenary line pole.


BDZ EAD re-establish train traffic along the line section Ihtiman – Septemvri

As of 8 p.m. on 5th September 2005 BDZ EAD re-established train traffic along the railway line Ihtiman – Septemvri.

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