Snow broke catenary line and blocked trains

Heavy snow crushed trees and branches, which in their turn broke the catenary line between Tryavna and Krustec as of 01:30 hrs.

The two night trains from Rousse to Dimitrovgrad and from Dimitrovgrad to Rousse are staying at the stations of Tryavna and Krustec respectively. In these two trains there are a total of 108 passengers.

A regional train from Gorna Oryahovitsa to Stara Zagora is staying in Tsareva Livada station with about 16 passengers on board.

Due to heavy snowfall in the night, roads in the region are blocked, so it is not possible to dispatch buses to take the passengers from the trains.

Snow caused rocklslide between Troyan and Ablanica. Two regional trains between Troyan and Levski operate only between Ablanica and Levski. A bus has been dispatched to transport passengers of these trains in the line section between Ablanica and Troyan.


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