Temporary changes in the timetable of two fast trains

As of tomorrow (13.02.2007) till Friday there will be reconstruction works in the line section between Stara Zagora and Kaloyanovec. The reconstruction works will take place between 11:00 hrs and 13:50 hrs.

The only change in train timetable concerns the operation of two fast trains along the route Plovdiv – Shoumen and in the back direction. These are:

• Fast train № 4640, which departs from Plovdiv at 14:10 hrs, stops in Stara Zagora from 16:16 hrs till 16:20 hrs and arrives in Shoumen at 22:00 hrs; and
• Fast train № 4641, which departs from Shoumen at 06:05 hrs, stops in Stara Zagora from 12:11 hrs till 12:14 hrs and arrives in Plovdiv at 13:58 hrs.

From Tuesday till Friday these two fast trains will operate only between Stara Zagora and Shoumen. Their timetable from Stara Zagora to Shoumen and back will not be changed.

Passengers from Plovdiv to Shoumen and from Shoumen to Plovdiv can travel with other fast trains with connections at junction stations such as Stara Zagora, Karnobat, etc. The customers of the national railway carrier can acquire detailed information from the staff at ticketing desks in the railway stations and agencies in the country.


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