Temporary changes of the timetable and route of some trains in July

“Bulgarian State Railways" EAD introduce temporary changes in the timetable and route of some trains due to track reconstruction works, carried out by the National Railway Infrastructure Company from 1st to 31st July. The reconstruction works will be carried out in the line sections Gorna Oryahovitsa - Krastets, Tuzha -Gabarevo and Tvarditsa – Shivachevo, which lie along the SubBalkan line and the Cross-Balkan line.

One fast train (from Plovdiv to Shumen) and a number of regional trains will be cancelled during this period. The fast train from Sofia via Karlovo to Bourgas will run via Plovdiv and Stara Zagora from 3rd till 18th July, and in the second half of the month this train will run via Karlovo and Stara Zagora. From Bourgas to Sofia this train will run via Stara Zagora and Karlovo during the whole of July.

“Bulgarian State Railways" EAD will provide buses for passengers, traveling to and from stations and stops, located between Gorna Oryahovitsa and Krastets.

The international trains from Istanbul to Bucharest and from Bucharest to Istanbul will also be redirected via a different route (via Karnobat, Shumen and Kaspichan).

Passengers can acquire detailed information from the railway stations and agencies.


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