The first two EMUs Desiro start regular service

As of tomorrow the first two electric multiple units (EMU) Desiro start regular service and will serve a total of seven of regional trains around Sofia. The new EMUs will replace the current composition of these trains, which consisted of passenger coaches or traditional electric trainsets.

One of the new EMUs will operate as:

• Regional train № 13204 from Sofia to Bankia, which departs at 06:43 and arrives at 07:16
• Regional train № 13203 from Bankia to Sofia, which departs at 07:30 and arrives at 08:06
• Regional train № 50111 from Sofia to Blagoevgrad, which departs at 09:10 and arrives at 12:55
• Regional train № 50110 from Blagoevgrad to Sofia, which departs at 13:45 and arrives at 17:10

The second EMU will operate as:
• Regional train № 10110 in the line section between Sofia and Pernik. In principle this regional train operates along the route Plovdiv – Sofia – Pernik and in Sofia there is a stay of 36 minutes as per timetable. From Plovdiv to Sofia the train will operate with its current composition, while from Sofia to Pernik it will be served by the new electric multiple unit. From Sofia the train departs at 10:47 and arrives in Pernik at 11:43.
• Regional train № 50206 from Pernik to Sofia, which departs at 14:19 and arrives at 15:19.

The two EMUs, coupled together in a common composition, will serve regional train № 50205 from Sofia to Pernik, which departs at 19:05 and arrives at 20:01.

Currently the railway operator is elaborating a new scheme to improve the links between trains in the region of Sofia, which will also make it possible for the two EMUs to serve even more regional trains.


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