Train traffic along the Sub-Balkan railway line has been possible

As of 12th August 2005 all fast and express trains from Sofia to Bourgas, which are scheduled to run along the Sub-Balkan railway line via Karlovo, are back in operation. This railway line was closed for traffic between Sofia and Karlovo during the period 5th – 11th August because of damages, incurred by torrential rains on the railway infrastructure. The night train No 8687 from Sofia to Bourgas and the night train No 8686 from Bourgas to Sofia, which normally run via Plovdiv are also redirected via Karlovo. The floods in the country from the last week caused changes in the transport scheme. The departure times from Sofia Central Station of the following fast and express trains, running along the Sub-Balkan railway line, have been changed:

• Fast train № 3621 from Sofia to Bourgas – departs at 07:18 instead of at 07:40
• Express train № 3601 from Sofia to Bourgas – departs at 16:00 instead of at 16:05.
• Fast train № 3637 from Sofia to Varna – departs at 22:00 instead of at 22:15
• Fast train № 8687 from Sofia to Bourgas – departs at 23:05 instead of at 23:15

As of 12th August regional trains can operate in the line section Sofia – Ihtiman. Train traffic in the line section Ihtiman – Septemvri is still impossible due to heavy damages of the railway infrastructure. Fast and express trains from Sofia to Yambol, Bourgas and Varna, which are scheduled to run via Plovdiv, operate only from Plovdiv to Yambol, Bourgas and Varna.

Passengers from Sofia to stations in Central and Southern Bulgaria can travel by the trains along the Sub-Balkan line and from the stations of Karlovo or Tulovo they can board on other trains to the directions of Plovdiv, Dimitrovgrad, Svilengrad, Stara Zagora, Nova Zagora and Yambol.

In compliance with the best practices of European railways, BDZ EAD issue train tickets at the price for the shortest possible route. In other words, passengers from Sofia to Dimitrovgrad, for example, will buy their tickets at the price for the route Sofia – Plovdiv – Dimitrovgrad in spite of the fact that they will travel along a longer route and should have paid higher price.

Train traffic along the narrow gauge line from Septemvri to Dobrinishte is still not possible in the line section between Velingrad and Yakoruda.

Another line section, which was damaged by a landslide during July floods, is Dryanovo – Tsareva livada. BDZ EAD provide buses, which transport train passengers along this section.


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Claims and refunds

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