Train traffic between Yasenovets and Razgrad is restored

At 04:00 in the morning the emergency teams of “Bulgarian State Railways" EAD and the National Railway Infrastructure Company restored train traffic between Yasenovets and Razgrad. With a view to the safety of operations, the speed of the trains in the vicinity of the level crossing between the two stations is reduced to 25 km/h. As the length of the line section, along which trains run at a lower speed, is only 300 m, the speed limit will not affect significantly the train schedules.

Train traffic in this line section was temporarily cancelled last night at 20:25 after a car tried to cross wrongfully the level crossing while the signaling system cautioned the approach of a train. The car could not move away from the level crossing when the locomotive of the approaching fast train from Varna to Rousse whistled and the train hit the car. In result of the impact the car span around and hit the first coach of the train composition, which caused the derailment of the coach. No passengers from the fast train were injured. The driver of the car was transported to hospital. “Bulgarian State Railways" EAD dispatched two buses to the site of the accident to transport the passengers from the train to their stations.


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