Vandal attempts against the rolling stock of Bulgarian State Railways EAD continue

Yesterday, about 09:30 a.m., one of the newly delivered from Germany passenger coach of Bulgarian State Railways EAD was thrown stones at by unknown persons. The incident happened on its way to the National Research Institute on Transport where it had to be certified for technical fitness necessary for its operation within the rail transport system.

As a result of the vandal attempt the windscreen of the coach was broken. Similar ill - intended acts agains the rolling stock are registered every day. Even the newest rolling stock is exposed to such vandalism.

The new Desiro DMUs are constantly thrown stones at. Yesterday, the newly delivered passenger coach was attacked even before its putting into operation.

Such vandalism additionally complicates the financial state of the entity and hinders all its efforts to achieve better and higher quality of servicing of the population. It also brings to the table the question of safeguarding of the rolling stock whose owner is the railway operator, Bulgarian State Railways EAD. Yesterday’s incident is a motive for Bulgarian State Railways EAD to address the responsible state institutions in order to contribute to the resolution of this problem. The opinion of the entity is that it could happen only with the full support of the State whereas the safeguard functions shall be taken by the Transport Police which are financed by the state budget.

The railway operator appeals to the State for support and for undertaking of measures for prevention of vandalism which the railways suffer every day.


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