Railway passes

All rail passes are personal and not transferable. Documents necessary for their award are identity card and a recent photograph. Railway cards entitle the reduction in the second class of fast and passenger trains.


Office for international rail tickets

Tickets for travel across Europe. Reservations of seating and sleeping places for Bulgarian and international trains. Special discounts for travel of young people, adults and groups. Additional services that facilitate the travel.


Claims and refunds

The passenger may cancel his trip not later than 3 hours prior to the departure of the train for which the ticket is valid, by presenting it for re-validation to the authorities at the railway station or at the issuing office where it was bought.


Disabled passengers

Transport servicing of disabled people according to the coach-train-coach" scheme is carried out in the following directions with the following express trains: express train Golden sands" (Sofia Gorna Oriahovitsa Varna) .


Transportation of bicycles

The transportation of bicycles is permitted in the specialized coach for transportation of bicycles. The passengers take care of their own bicycles during journey time.


Route passes

Route passes are issued for traveling throughout the railway network or on a route chosen by the client. The term of validity of route passes is one month or three months. Within this period, the client is entitled to a limitless number of travels on the route chosen by him.

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