BDZ launched a real-time train location RADAR app

BDZ started a new digital service application (, through which the travelers can track in real time the location of all passenger trains in the country. On a virtual map of the railway network are displayed in real time the currently traveling trains with data about their location, schedule and delays.

The application is new digital service that BDZ provides to its customers, to help them at any time to be familiar with the railway traffic and to be informed about where are trains located, how they perform the schedule and is there train delays.

The running trains are shown on the map with their train's number, in different color markers depending on its category. By selecting each individual train, the users get information about its real-time schedule and eventual delay at the last location reported.

The application is built on top of the National Railway Infrastructure Manager (NRIC) tracking system - Management and Reporting of Train Work (ROVR), and is a result of the joint activities of the two companies.