Next batch Siemens Smartron locomotives in operation

Four more Siemens Smartron locomotives have been delivered and as of today (April 29) are putted in operation on the main long run train-routes. This way BDZ already owns 10 new locomotives Smartron in total, with which the supplier - Siemens Tron DZZD - fulfilled the delivery terms stipulated in the contract ahead of schedule.

The remaining last five locomotives, due from the supplier according to the contract, are scheduled to be delivered by the end of the year, most likely also before the end of the specified deadlines. This way BDZ will have the necessary resources for smooth fulfilment of the train timetable.

The Smartron locomotives, with which BDZ operate, are running on trains in the directions Sofia-Burgas-Sofia, Sofia-Varna-Sofia, Sofia-Svilengrad-Sofia and Sofia-Kulata-Sofia.

Following the tradition, the new four locomotives are named on Bulgarian rulers, which are Knyaz Boris I, Tsar Simeon the Great, Tsar Peter I and Tsar Samuil. Each of locomotives has a specific QR code, when scanned through a mobile device gave information about the history of the ruler, to whom the locomotive is named. Another interesting detail is that on the forehead of each Smartron is featured a letter from the Glagolitic alphabet, which is a kind of way to promote and preserve Bulgarian values and rich history.