Green Force - the future face of Bulgarian Railways

The graphic design of the new Siemens Smartron locomotives has already been chosen after a public vote, made on the official website of BDZ. Within two weeks, 29,218 users voted, and the winner in the poll is the Green force with a total of 9,861 votes. In second place is the Airborne design, with 7,741 votes, followed by The Kingfisher with 7,189 votes and Bewinger with 4,427 votes.

Green Force seems to be gaining supporters with its symbolism of the environmental benefits of rail transport. A cause to which the modern world is striving in search of increasingly environmentally friendly means and on the threshold of 2021, set by the European Commission for the European Year of Railway Transport.

The selected graphic design will be provided to Siemens for implementation (via adhesive foil), as far all costs are included in the delivery price of the new locomotives.

According to the signed contract with the consortium lead by Siemens, the delivery of the first locomotives will be in the beginning of 2021, while all ten locomotives will be available by the end of May 2021.