New phone line for passengers information and support

BDZ is launching new general-wide information and support telephone number 02 931 11 11, which replaces the existing 0700 10 200. In this way, the customers of the railway operator will be able to receive timely information about train schedules, ticket prices, etc., and also could report irregularities and unconformities. There no extra charges applied, as was the case with the old one information center telephone number.

The call on the information phone 02 931 11 11 costed as the price of one city call in Bulgaria, according to the tariff conditions of the mobile or landline phone operator. The phone is also accessible from outside Bulgaria with code +359 2 931 11 11, with all common extra fees for international call applicable.

The new telephone number to the 24-hour hot line of the BDZ information center is another step further in improving the process of providing more communication options for the customers, in addition to already created digitizing of the service and the ability to check the schedule and the movement of trains in real time through the Radar function at the following link: