Due to the diverse array of attractions and destinations, the Rhodope narrow gauge railway consistently lures tourists throughout the year. The region boasts suitability for virtually every type of tourism imaginable.

The Narrow-Gauge Railway As A National Landmark

Today, the last Bulgarian narrow gauge railway is widely regarded as an exceptional feat of engineering and an architectural masterpiece, receiving high acclaim for its charm and significance from around the world. The Septemvri-Dobrinishte line is undoubtedly a cherished national treasure, celebrated for its rich history, remarkable technical specifications, and breathtaking landscapes. It connects Bulgaria's most stunning mountain ranges, and each station and stop along the route offers access to a plethora of hiking trails leading to captivating natural and historical sights.

In the region, you can explore a variety of fascinating sights. These include Varvara with its mineral waters, the historic peak Milevi Scali, the last fallen Rhodope fortress Tsepina, the largest deposit of ancient animal species in Bulgaria known as 'Pliocenski Park' near the village of Dorkovo, the carpet factory in Kostandovo, whose carpets adorn a number of palaces in Western Europe. You can also visit the spa capital of the Balkans, Velingrad and the only place in Bulgaria where the parallel and meridian cross, located in the forest above Velingrad's park 'Kleptuza'. Other attractions include the resort Yundola, Ortsevo, the highest village in the Balkans, the historical Veliitsa peak, the southernmost Rhodope fortress Kalyata above Yakoruda, the resort Treshchenik with its many trails to the high parts of Rila, the Dancing Bear Park above Belitsa, and the oldest ski resort in Bulgaria, Semkovo. Additionally, you can visit the resort village of Banya, Razlog - the town between the three mountains with the oldest Bulgarian sun calendar, the ski capital of the Balkans Bansko at the foot of Pirin, Dobrinishte with its mineral waters, and many more.